How Your Doubts Can Fuel Your Dreams [EXPERT]


When you dream about your future, it's okay to be unsure.

Often, when we get in touch with our most heartfelt and hopeful dreams, what may also surface are some of our doubts. There is an important relationship between the dreamer and the doubter that live inside of us. It is important to develop skills for dealing with our doubt; otherwise, your dreams could very well get squelched. Inspire Your Soul In 3 Simple Steps EXPERT

The dreamer inside of us encourages us with thoughts and comments like, "Yes you can,"  "Go for it,"  and "You have what it takes." By contrast, the doubter's voice may challenge and confront it with comments such as, "What are you thinking?" "You're too old/young," "You don't know what you are doing," and "You don't have the money or experience."

If we turn the voice of the doubter down, it becomes the voice of the realist — the part of us that wants to know what we intend to do. Most often, the realist wants to know where you will find the time and money and it wants to know your plan, but be careful; early on, you may not have all the details figured out so if you go to strategic planning too soon, your need to be realistic may have you compromise on your idea before you fully explore what else is possible.

Consider this: if all parts of us carry wisdom, perhaps even the doubter can provide insight. If you interviewed this part of yourself, literally asked about its concerns and issues around your dreams, you might get some useful information. For example, my own doubter often offers thought-provoking questions and prudence.

Your doubter could inform you of potential obstacles related to your dreams. Obstacles come primarily in two forms; there are limiting beliefs that require internal reflection or that you hold to be true. Alternatively, obstacles can also be something more external that require a plan, such as borrowing money or taking a class. How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality EXPERT

For instance, if your dream is to write a book but you don't know how, you might seek assistance or learn how to do it yourself. But if what you are feeling is fear of failure, that is usually more of a limiting belief: something going on inside of you that only you can change or affect. Of course, once you identify what you're afraid of, a strategy like working with a coach or a daily practice of writing might get you over it. Some obstacles can be both belief and strategy.

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