The Life You Wish You Had Is Already Yours!


By Arab Women Now | 04.14.12

Ever looked at someone and wished you had their life? Is the everyday routine taking a toll on you? Feel like something is missing and that you need to add more value to your life? It can all change today! And the best part is that it is up to you to change how you run your life.

Add spice to your life

The everyday routine can become dull and leave you feeling as if life is just passing you by. To get over this hump and begin to bring "zing" back into your life, try doing something different at least once a week. Try new things such as taking a dance class, learning new recipes or a new style of cooking, or planting a garden in your front yard. Do something that is for you and you alone. It should make you feel alive and shake you out of that everyday constant cycle. You should feel re-energized and ready to face the week ahead. Doing something just for yourself also gives you a feeling of self worth and self appreciation.

Give back

Life comprises of an abundance of opportunities. Giving back to both yourself and the community can establish a feeling of joy and inner contentment. Help an elderly neighbor with his or her groceries, or assist in a special education class for kids with special needs, or if you simply just cannot find time, recycle! Recycling is giving nature a chance to recuperate. You may never get an award for doing so, but the feeling you get from knowing you did “something valuable” or that you “did the right thing” is priceless. Giving back to you would mean taking a day off to pamper yourself, both inside and out. Have a spa day with maybe a yoga or meditation class thrown in—you will able to re-balance both body and mind and feel renewed.

Take the time to reconnect

Take the time to call an old friend, to write a long overdue thank you note or simply, to sit and talk to your child and spouse. Reconnecting with those around us in a more personal manner strengthens bonds with both family and friends. Studies show that people, who have healthy relationships at home and in the community, are more productive, innovative and are full of life. Visit your sister who lives in the next city, or spend a day with your daughter; this will help build a stronger relationship and understanding with the other person than you can achieve through phone calls or text messages. Understanding the other persons is the key to maintaining healthy, nurturing relationships around us.

Eat well

Eating healthy keeps your body feeling and looking great which in turn makes you feel great, and gives you the energy to thrive throughout the day. Remember nobody is perfect and your objective should be not to lose a ridiculous amount of weight, but to reach a reasonable number and stay there. The way you feel is the way you look! Be proud of whom you are, because whoever you are, you are beautiful.

Envy not

Often, we waste time wishing that we had a better car, a better house, more money or better clothes like the people around us. Remember that what really matters, money cannot buy. Envy does not harm anyone but you. Count your blessings, and harvest the resources and all the wonderful things you already have in your life. Appreciation for what you already have will often open doors to what you want to have!

It’s the little things that make up the big picture. It’s up to you to cultivate these habits and implement them in your day to day life. You already have everything you envy; you just need to know how to cultivate it, and bring it out to make your life feel full and happy!



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